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There is an increasing lack of understanding and tolerance of Christianity in America today. Sacred Ink seeks to enlighten secular Americans about who Christians are, why we believe, and what that means, through secular literary and artistic endeavors that include a Christian element.

Christians cannot speak to the rest of the world through Christian films and books, because non-Christians don't consume Christian products. Instead, we must get pro-Christian messages into secular media in order to rebuff the trend of misguided negativity toward us.. Media and entertainment greatly influence everyone. What a person watches and reads molds how they perceive the world around them; this is demonstrated by the effect that Hollywood has had on society's moral standards.

Many people today would rather take positive action than negative action. At Sacred Ink, instead of refusing to buy from someone we disagree with, we commit to buying products from someone we agree with. Sacred Ink members work together using our purchasing power to support those books, films, and other artistic endeavors that promote our Christian morals and lifestyle.

Sacred Ink is a means for getting not only books and films but also authors and filmmakers onto the national secular stage. We hope to help launch the careers of talented Christian artists so they can continue to make an impact for Christ in the general market, beyond the scope of what this organization does for one of their products.

What if we gave a built-in platform to talented people who have something important to say? We could influence who the publishers choose to publish. We could impact which screenplays are produced.

Couldn't we choose the next best-selling author?

Couldn't we change the entertainment that our society is consuming?

That is what our members do every day. Come, make a difference with Sacred Ink.